We implement what we believe in

frei öl® and Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH make a financial climate contribution.

How exactly do we do that?

Step 1: We have recorded the relevant CO2 emissions for our company: from heating and electricity to business trips and employee journeys, right through to office materials. We can thus see exactly which areas offer us the greatest opportunity to reduce emissions. 

Step 2: We continually avoid and reduce our emissions, such as by switching the fleet over to pure electric or even hybrid vehicles, by installing a photovoltaics system on the company roof, significantly reducing business trips, and modernizing our heating system. These represent initial steps that are gradually being expanded. 

Step 3: We offset our company’s CO2 emissions by a financial climate contribution and supporting two climate protection projects.

Why are we doing that?

Climate protection projects have been shown to reduce greenhouse gases and make an important contribution towards combatting global warming. They additionally promote sustainable development in the project countries, such as by improving the supply of clean drinking water, developing the local infrastructure, creating jobs, or protecting biodiversity. The two projects that we support:
 • A regional linkage project to support afforestation in the Alps, Brazil, and/or Colombia
 • A commitment to marine conservation by working with Plastic Bank, which is dedicated to collecting and recycling plastic

As a company, we make a financial climate contribution*!

*Indirect emissions occurring outside the company, such as from the production of raw materials and pre-products, external logistics and the use and disposal of products or other processes, are not subject to the financial climate contribution.

Regional project “Bäume pflanzen"

Via Climate Partner, we support what is known as a combined project, which allows us to also get involved at a regional level. In this way, we combine guaranteed emissions offsetting through a certified climate protection project with regional commitment. The CO2 offsetting is carried out entirely through one certified climate protection project each in Brazil and Colombia. These projects are aimed at protecting the Amazon and rainforests, preventing commercial deforestation, preserving biodiversity and improving the quality of life of local communities. In addition, for every ton of CO2 offset by frei öl® in these climate protection projects, a tree is planted in Germany. In this way, we support the reforestation and conversion of forests to mixed forests. This enables us to make a climate contribution and help our forests to adapt to climate change. You can find more information here: ClimatePartner

Project: Conserving marine life via plastic recycling

We are involved in plastic recycling via Plastic Bank. In Haiti, Indonesia, and the Philippines, collected plastic can be exchanged for money, food, or even school fees. This ensures that the plastic does not end up in the sea; instead it is transformed into “social plastic,” which is then turned into new products. CO2 offsetting takes place via a Gold Standard climate protection project, the wind park in the Philippines: www.climatepartner.com/1091, or via our wind energy project on Aruba: www.climatepartner.com/1040. Ten kilos of plastic waste are collected for each offset metric ton of CO2. You can find more information here: ClimatePartner

Initiative: The plastic reduction

Wherever possible and practical, frei öl® wants to increasingly replace plastic with other materials. We also want to use more recyclate in our packaging. Recyclate describes recycled raw materials made from plastics, which are processed and reused. This is a resource-preserving, future-orientated process in which “plastic waste” is processed and recycled.

We’re just getting started... 

These aspects are just the first steps towards responsible and sustainable action by our company. frei öl® is committed to addressing the issue of sustainability and investing in climate-related, environmentally friendly topics – for a better environment and a better future for us all.