frei öl® – A brand with values

The brand frei öl® was born out of love, a visionary investigative spirit and the right instinct for the best active substances. And it’s all still tangible today!

frei öl® - Brand of the Century

We are pleased to receive a very special award
"Deutsche Standards – Marken des Jahrhunderts“ [Brands of the Century] is an encyclopedia of great German brands and presents companies that have set standards in their field. Every three years, awards are given to those brands that are icons of the German economy and firmly established in the public consciousness. It is a recognition of the elite class of German brands. We are very proud that frei öl® has been named „Brand of the Century“ in the product category "skin oil". This means that frei öl® belongs to an exclusive circle of 200 brands which are representatives of their product segment. We join renowned companies and brands such as BMW, UVEX or Faber-Castell in the list of winners. This award is a confirmation of our brand strategy, the high quality of our products and the high standards we set ourselves. However the greatest praise for us, is the certainty that we have been making our customers happy with our products for many decades. 

You can read more about the relaunch of the "German Standards – Marken des Jahrhunderts" and the selection process here.

The frei öl® brand

The essence of pure skincare 

frei öl® is for everyone who is fully grounded. For everyone who naturally manages to juggle family, friends, leisure time and work. And for everyone who knows the importance of looking after themselves and being at peace with who they are. frei öl® reminds you every day how important it is to take a mindful moment for yourself – a moment to look after yourself and your skin and to do whatever makes you feel good. The innovative, effective, oil-based skincare products from frei öl® nourish, revitalise and protect your skin to allow you to consciously provide pure well-being for your body and soul and experience your very own #freimoment.

The frei öl® principles

  •  Great efficacy with maximum kindness to skin.
  •  Free of unnecessary, irritating ingredients. 

frei öl® stands for nourished, healthy and protected skin 

  • High-quality, oil-based, innovative care products - Made in Germany 
  • High effectiveness and tolerability confirmed in clinical studies

Vision and Mission

 frei öl® - A visionary brand
We are your daily reminder of how important it is to take some time for yourself.
 frei öl® - A brand on a mission
 By using our effective, oil-based skincare products you are doing something good for both your body and your soul.

frei öl® - A popular brand all over the world

 G-Beauty on the rise

For many, the terms “J-Beauty” and “K-Beauty” are part of everyday vocabulary as beauty products from Japan and Korea are gaining more and more popularity in Germany. But did you know that in those countries it’s the other way round? “G-Beauty” is the word on everyone’s lips over there as frei öl® has become an export hit in Japan and Korea! “German Quality and Efficacy” is highly prized in East Asia. And if those beauty experts don’t know what’s good, then who does?

The company behind the brand "frei öl®" 

Behind every brand and every company there is a story and people.
 Behind our brand is a family.