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The success story of frei öl® begins in 1966 – what began life as a pharmacy exclusive is now available as oils and skincare products for face and body in almost every drugstore. The initial product was born from a passion, and today’s products contain not only a multitude of expertise, but also a great deal of passion. After all, the products should be enjoyable to use as well beneficial and effective.

frei öl® – A Franconian success story

It all starts in 1966
The Nuremberg pharmacist Walter Bouhon recognises the effect of plant-based oils and is the first to use skin-nourishing vitamins. With a pioneering spirit and a lot of passion, Bouhon develops a formula that makes a noticeable difference. His frei öl® contains oils that are similar in composition to the skin’s natural lipids. They integrate into the skin’s protective barrier and preserve moisture. These bottles of magical essence are a best-seller in Bouhon’s pharmacy. This unique, oil-based skincare product quickly goes from being an insider’s tip to a favourite among both men and women. The knowledge used to make frei öl® leads to the development of more innovative skincare formulas over the next decade. With visionary investigative insight and extensive skin know-how, Walter Bouhon and his scientific team set out to pursue their aim of creating a range of pure skincare products based on the best active substances that are highly effective and extremely kind to the skin.
Today, frei öl® is one of the top-quality skincare brands and is more relevant than ever before. All the face and body care products support the skin throughout the various stages of life and everything is developed and made in Germany. frei öl® fulfils the highest requirements in regards to quality, efficacy and kindness to skin, thus fulfilling the wishes of anyone, who wants to give their skin exactly what it needs.

 frei öl® – With love for your healthy skin.

Our Executive Management Team

A successful team
Nico Bouhon, CEO and grandson of the company founder Walter Bouhon, runs the company together with his cousin Wilhelm Bouhon, owner of the pharmacy Mohren Apotheke zu St. Lorenz in Nuremberg, and Thomas Bauer, who has completed the executive management team since 2015.

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