What we aim for – Quality

Quality is at the forefront of what we do! Therefore, we are audited annually according to the Cosmetic GMP DIN EN ISO 22716.

Quality is our top priority

Cosmetic GMP DIN EN ISO 22716
Although we are audited annually according to the Cosmetic GMP DIN EN ISO 22716, we do not rely solely on formal procedures and expect a lot of ourselves. Selecting high-quality, effective ingredients is extremely important to us. Each of our formulas is checked three times and is subjected to various analyses. These analyses relate to the raw materials, the bulk goods (creams and oil that are mixed in large containers) through to the final product. All our packaging, some of it developed in-house, also undergoes specific tests. Quality control of all frei öl® products is carried out according to pharmaceutical principles to ensure the highest quality and purity.

Knowledge is power!

Everything we know is based on our precise studies
All frei öl® products are regularly tested and proven in clinical trials for their efficacy and kindness to skin. Currently there are over 130 studies relating to our products, which are the result of long-term partnerships with universities, scientific institutions, gynaecologists and dermatologists. We carry out studies both in vivo (on human skin) and ex vivo (in test tubes).

Less is more 

frei öl® products do not contain anything that doesn’t belong in them!

 We purposefully leave out any unnecessary, irritating ingredients and develop near-natural products that combine the best that both science and nature have to offer. As a brand with a long history in pharmaceuticals, we specifically combine lots of natural ingredients with synthetic ones. Although we use as many natural ingredients as possible, though for technical reasons we do sometimes need to use synthetics. For example, emulsifying agents are necessary to stabilise creams. Sometimes we specifically choose a synthetic active substance, for example, if it has a better effect than its natural counterpart. We do not use any active substances that are trending but have no effect. Anything that does not promote healthy skin or is not beneficial to the skin is categorically disregarded. For precisely this reason, we do not use colourants in any of our products.

Our formulas

What is important to us: 

  • None of our products contain silicone.
  • The only one of our products to contain mineral oils is our frei öl® Hand Cream, as in this product it fulfils an important protective function. 
  • Our products are free of microplastics.
  • The majority of our products are vegan.

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