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Here you will find the refreshing frei öl® deodorants. They protect against unpleasant body odor and give a safe and pleasant feeling on the skin at every occasion.
MED DeoSpray mit Faltschachtel
Deodorant Spray
Regulates perspiration and effectively protects against unpleasant body odor for 48 hours.

Content: 100 ml (€121.00 / 1000 ml)

Roll-on Deodorant
Roll-on Deodorant
Regulates perspiration and protects against body odor for 48h.

Content: 50 ml (€18.40 / 100 ml)

MED DeoBalsam mit Faltschachtel
Deo Balm
24h deodorant protection without alcohol and aluminum.

Content: 50 ml (€18.40 / 100 ml)