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Shower products & Bath products

Here you will find our frei öl® cleaning products for the body as well as bath additives for soothing care and relaxation.
Milky Bath Oil
Relaxing bath and rich skincare in one. 

Content: 200 ml (€3.75 / 100 ml)

Baby WaschLotion
Baby Cleansing Lotion
An edible, particularly mild, skin-soothing and surfactant-free cleanser for sensitive baby skin. 

Content: 150 ml (€3.57 / 100 ml)

Washing & Shower Cream pH 5.5
Washing & Shower Cream pH 5.5
Size: 250 ml
Cleans thoroughly and is gentle on the skin.

Content: 250 ml (€4.16 / 100 ml)

Shower Gel pH 5.5
Shower Gel pH 5.5
Gently cleanses the skin and soothes sensitive and stressed skin.

Content: 200 ml (€3.85 / 100 ml)

MED WaschStück pH5,5 mit Faltschachtel
MED Cleansing Bar pH 5.5
Environmentally friendly, nourishing cleansing for body, face and hair.

Content: 90 g (€8.33 / 100 g)