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Pregnancy marks the beginning of a very special time in your life. Your body changes and wants to be cared for differently. In addition, you are no longer only responsible for your own care. Baby's skin also needs special care and attention. Here you will find our current skin care products for you and your little darlings.
MassageÖl für Schwangere mit Faltschachtel
Massage Oil for Pregnant Women
Size: 125 ml
Increases your skin elasticity & can prevent stretch marks. 

Content: 125 ml (€15.00 / 100 ml)

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frei öl® Massage Oil Sensitive - packaging
Massage Oil Sensitive
Increases the elasticity of the skin.

Content: 125 ml (€19.96 / 100 ml)

PflegeBalsam für Schwangere mit Faltschachtel
Nourishing Balm for Pregnant Women
A gentle balm for the prevention and reduction of stretch marks. 

Content: 125 ml (€14.68 / 100 ml)

DammMassageÖl mit Faltschachtel
Perineum Oil
For perineal massage in preparation for childbirth - increases the elasticity of the skin. 

Content: 60 ml (€17.00 / 100 ml)

BrustwarzenBalsam mit Faltschachtel
Nipple Balm
Relaxes irritated nipples and regenerates. 

Content: 7.5 ml (€68.00 / 100 ml)

BabyÖl mit Faltschachtel
Baby Oil
So natural, it's even edible - for sensitive baby skin. 

Content: 140 ml (€7.89 / 100 ml)

Baby PflegeCreme
Baby Care Cream
A gentle, edible baby care for face and body. 

Content: 50 ml (€10.70 / 100 ml)

Baby WaschLotion
Baby Cleansing Lotion
An edible, particularly mild, skin-soothing and surfactant-free cleanser for sensitive baby skin. 

Content: 150 ml (€3.57 / 100 ml)