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The skin – Our largest sensory organ 

The skin is a reflection of our soul. If we feel good, our skin glows. And if our skin feels good, we can really shine. That’s why it’s so important to care for our skin properly and give it exactly what it needs. And every skin type requires a different care solution. But what are the different skin types and their requirements?

Sensitive skin

Having sensitive skin means that the skin’s barrier function has been disrupted. Consequently, the skin reacts much more quickly and severely to irritant substances than healthy skin does, and there can be many reasons for this.

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Dry skin

 Dry skin can be very annoying. It can feel tight, it can be flaky, it can itch and you can often end up with dryness wrinkles. However, there are effective ways to combat dry skin.

Mature skin

 We all love our little laughter lines as they tell stories about our life. However, when lines get too deep and become wrinkles, we need to do something about them. Luckily, the right products are out there!


 A pregnancy marks the beginning of a special time in your life. Your body changes and needs different care. frei öl® is here for you, even after pregnancy!


 Our little ones need extra-special care as their skin is significantly different to adult skin.

Special skincare solutions

 Our skin is as unique as our personality. Every type of skin has different requirements. Does your skin have special requirements? Maybe you have scars or stretch marks. Maybe you’re looking for something to combat cellulite. We’ve got all the solutions...