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Edible* skin care for Babies and Children

Baby and toddler skin is wonderfully soft. It is so perfect that you want to touch and caress it all day long. Your baby likes these cuddles as much as you do. The very first touches gives our babies a feeling of security and form the basis for a healthy development. 
As the largest sensory and contact organ, our skin has countless functions. It is therefore an important task for parents to keep this delicate and sensitive skin healthy. Our little darlings need particularly natural skin care without questionable ingredients, which protects and is baby-safe at the same time.

What makes baby and toddler skin so special?

Baby and toddler skin is significantly thinner than adult skin. The corneal layer is looser and more permeable, meaning that harmful substances and pathogens can enter more easily. Furthermore, the hydro-lipid film is not yet intact, and sebum and sweat glands are not fully functional. This means that babies and toddlers are much more prone to developing dry, sensitive skin. Therefore, their skin needs specially adapted care products that contain few and mild ingredients, which support the development of the skin’s natural function and supply it with moisture as well as lipids.

The benefits of frei öl® skin care serie for babies

frei öl® has developed a very special care series for babies and toddlers. It not only meets all the requirements for baby and toddler care. We go a step further: Our three baby skin care products are so gentle that they are even edible*. Of course, our baby products aren’t actually food and shouldn’t be deliberately consumed. However, if your little one puts their hand in their mouth after application or takes a swig of the bath water containing the oil, you can rest assured that no harm will be done.

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Skincare tips for babies and toddlers 

  • Use skincare products that contain as few potential skin irritants as possible.
  • Warm up your hands before applying the products, so that it is not too cold for your baby.
  • Apply any skincare product sparingly.
  • For children who suffer from eczema or neurodermitis, the skincare routine should be carried out once or twice a day as a preventative measure.
  • When bathing, the ideal water temperature should be 37°C and the bath shouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes for infants.
  • Baby massage is not only good for the skin, but also strengthens the baby’s body awareness and the parent-child connection, so why not make it a regular ritual.
  • Instead of using wet wipes with added chemicals: moisten cotton pads with water and clean them with a few drops of baby oil or use a particularly gentle and surfactant-free washing lotion, use damp cotton pads and baby oil for cleansing.

*All ingredients in our products are selected in accordance to food standards. However, our products are not food and are not suitable for consumption.

These products go well with

Baby PflegeCreme
Baby Care Cream
A gentle, edible baby care for face and body. 

Content: 50 ml (€10.70 / 100 ml)

Baby WaschLotion
Baby Cleansing Lotion
An edible, particularly mild, skin-soothing and surfactant-free cleanser for sensitive baby skin. 

Content: 150 ml (€3.57 / 100 ml)

BabyÖl mit Faltschachtel
Baby Oil
So natural, it's even edible - for sensitive baby skin. 

Content: 140 ml (€7.89 / 100 ml)