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Dry skin 

Dry skin can be very annoying. It can feel tight, it can be flaky, it can itch and you can often end up with dryness wrinkles. However, there are effective ways to combat dry skin.

What is dry skin? 

Dry skin has special requirements: It needs products that provide it with soothing, long-lasting external care and at the same time help it to create new lipids. This type of skin has lost the ability to retain moisture and produce sufficient lipids on its own. This regularly leads to an uncomfortable tight feeling – the skin is often matt and displays dryness wrinkles or is flaky.

How frei öl® products support dry skin 

Dry skin requires special treatment to give it what it most needs – moisture and lipids. The products in the frei öl® HYDROLIPID line restore the skin’s ideal balance, regenerate its protective barrier, protect it against external influences that can cause dryness and damage and improve the condition of the skin in the long term.

24/7 UV protection:frei öl® HYDROLIPID Day Care Protect SPF 20

The HYDROLIPID Day Care Protect SPF 20 protects the skin`s precious collagen against damaging UV rays and increases moisture by 34%.

Moisturising body care:frei öl® HYDROLIPID BodyLotion

Pharmaceutical-grade hyaluron and aloe vera penetrate deep into the skin and supply it with moisture 24 hours a day. Natural jojoba oil aids the skin in its natural regeneration process

Give your skin a helping hand with the frei öl® HYDROLIPID Hand Cream

This protective formula is specifically made to target stressed skin and makes it smoother after just one application. It is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue.

Tips for caring for dry skin 

  • Daily cleansing with nourishing, lipid-replenishing products is ideal. 
  • Gently massage facial care products onto your face, neck and décolletage. 
  • Get lots of liquids – if you don’t drink enough, you are depriving your skin of its essential moisture reserves. 
  • Protect yourself from the cold – protect sensitive areas of skin such as hands with a hand cream. Protect yourself from the sun – wear hats and lightweight clothing to protect you from harmful rays. The most effective protection is a moisturiser with an SPF, even on the cloudiest of days. 
  • Cleanse carefully – shower with lukewarm water and lipid-replenishing cleansing products.

These products go well with

Milky Bath Oil
Relaxing bath and rich skincare in one. 

Content: 200 ml (€3.75 / 100 ml)

HYDROLIPID LippenBalsam mit Faltschachtel
The rich texture regenerates dry and chapped lips. 

Content: 8 ml (€55.00 / 100 ml)

HYDROLIPID IntensivCreme mit Faltschachtel
HYDROLIPID Intensive Cream
Boosts your lipid production & moisturizes your skin. 

Content: 50 ml (€35.20 / 100 ml)

Face Cleansing Cream pH 5.5
Face Cleansing Cream pH 5.5
Soap-free cleansing with mild surfactants.

Content: 150 ml (€7.10 / 100 ml)

PflegeÖl mit Faltschachtel
Skincare Oil
Size: 125 ml
Smooth skin and fewer scars. 

Content: 125 ml (€11.76 / 100 ml)

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