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Sensitive skin 

Sensitive skin needs special care that will have a calming, regenerative effect.

What is sensitive skin? 

Having sensitive skin means that the skin’s barrier function has been disrupted. Consequently, the skin reacts much more quickly and severely to irritant substances than healthy skin does, and there can be many reasons for this. Genetics play a role as do environmental factors such as particulate matter, heat, wind, cold and sun. Lifestyle factors such as stress, smoking or lack of sleep can also have a negative effect on the skin’s protective barrier. Sometimes the reason can also be excessive cleansing or the use of unsuitable cosmetic products.

How frei öl® products support sensitive skin 

Sensitive skin requires mild care paired with carefully selected active substances and ingredients that overwhelm the skin as little as possible. Our frei öl® products calm the skin and also regenerate the damaged skin barrier. They strengthen the skin against external environmental influences and provide intense moisturisation. Our skincare products have all been tested on sensitive skin and their excellent skin-friendly properties have been dermatologically confirmed.

The perfect combination: frei öl® Cleansing Oil & Mask 

Cleanses gently and removes 94% more particulate matter. The added detox effect with magnolia extract supports the skin’s own detoxification function.

Skin expert made from natural oils: frei öl® Skincare Oil

Created according to a traditional pharmaceutical formula with highly effective ingredients, frei öl® Skincare Oil smooths stressed skin and provides proven protection against moisture loss.

Care for your skin with omega-6 fatty acids: frei öl® Facial Oil

The wonderfully lightweight texture of this facial oil is non-greasy and the product is immediately absorbed to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier with natural oat oil.

Tips for caring for sensitive skin 

  • Do not cleanse the skin too often. Wash twice a day max. and particularly in the evening to rid the skin of dirt and impurities. 
  • Use mild, lipid-replenishing cleansing products – cleansing oils and milks are ideal. 
  • Well-cared for and protected skin is less susceptible to irritations, so remember to moisturise well every morning and evening. 
  • Use skincare products that contain a minimum amount of ingredients and as few potential skin irritants as possible.

These products go well with

Cleansing Milk
Cleansing Milk
Gently frees the skin from residues without drying it out.

Content: 200 ml (€6.48 / 100 ml)

Deo Balm
Deo Balm
24h deodorant protection without alcohol and aluminum.

Content: 50 ml (€18.40 / 100 ml)

HYDROLIPID IntensivCreme mit Faltschachtel
HYDROLIPID Intensive Cream
Boosts your lipid production & moisturizes your skin. 

Content: 50 ml (€35.20 / 100 ml)

BabyÖl mit Faltschachtel
Baby Oil
So natural, it's even edible - for sensitive baby skin. 

Content: 140 ml (€7.89 / 100 ml)

FigurÖl mit Faltschachtel
Shaping Oil
Size: 125 ml
Firms the silhouette & reduces cellulite. 

Content: 125 ml (€17.08 / 100 ml)

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